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Pamela Denise Anderson

Playing Lisa

Episode NumberEpisode Title
004/1.04Satellite on a Hot Tim's Roof
005/1.05Wild Kingdom
008/1.08Flying Sauces
011/1.11Look Who's Not Talking
012/1.12Yule Better Watch Out
014/1.14For Whom the Belch Tolls
017/1.17What About Bob?
018/1.18Baby, It's Cold Outside
019/1.19Unchained Malady
020/1.20Birds of a Feather Flock to Taylor
021/1.21A Battle of Wheels
022/1.22Luck Be a Taylor Tonight
023/1.23Al's Fair in Love and War
025/2.01Read My Hips
028/2.04Groin Pains
038/2.14Howard's End
043/2.19Karate or Not, Here I Come
047/2.23To Build or Not to Build
048/2.24Birth of a Hot Rod
049/2.25The Great Race

also credited as Pamela Lee

Playing Lisa

Episode NumberEpisode Title
151/6.25The Kiss & the Kiss-Off

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