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"HOME IMPROVEMENT" - Show Description

Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) is the know-it-all master handyman who hosts "Tool Time", a local cable home improvement show. With his hefty tool belt and an endless variety of power tools, Tim approaches every project as an opportunity to reaffirm his masculinity.

The roar of a motor, the smell of voltage: these are the things that unleash the hairy ape locked deep inside every modern man, says Tim. But for a guy whose answer to every household problem is "more power!", Tim Taylor has a tough time exerting his power around his own home.

That's because Jill (Patricia Richardson), his loving wife of 11 years, knows her hardware-hungry husband all too well. He may be Mr. Fix-It on TV, but when he starts eying the home appliances with that mechanical gleam in his eye, she knows better than to let him get near them -- and it's not just because the fire department has to be called every time he tries to fix someting. As the mother of three sons, Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan), Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and Mark (Taran Smith), Jill knows plenty about how to handle mischievous boys, whether they're 7 or 37.

Although Tim and Jill love each other and their children very much, they seem to have one basic problem: communication. She doesn't understand how a man thinks. He doesn't understand how a woman thinks. Whenever Tim is confused, he turns to his eccentric neighbor, Wilson (Earl Hindman), for advice. A male mentor, father confessor, and cock-eyed guru in a fisher man's hat, Wilson is a storehouse of sage wisdom on being a man, a husband and a father.

Talking to Wilson helps Tim sort out his problems and always makes him feel a little better about his marriage and himself. Now if he could only convince Jill to let him rewire the dishwasher...!

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