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The Great Race II

Episode No# 074
Written by:
Jon Vandergriff
Directed by:
Andy Cadiff
Transcript by:
Duncan Taylor

Tim Taylor - Tim Allen
Jill Taylor - Patricia Richardson
Randy Taylor - Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Brad Taylor - Zachery Ty Bryan
Mark Taylor - Taran Noah Smith
Wilson - Earl Hindman
Al Borland - Richard Karn
Guest Cast
Bob Vila - Himself
Heidi - Debbe Dunning
Audience Member #1 - Shashawnne Hall
Audience Member #2 - Peg Dirolf
Audience Member #3 - Laurie Faso
Episode begins in the kitchen. Tim enters from the garage and washes his hands. Jill is sitting at the table going over some documents.
Jill: Aw man! I can't believe it!
Tim: What's the matter?
Jill: I still haven't reached my fund-raising goal for the library. Where am I gonna get another $1000?
Tim: Well I could pay for the fine on that library book I've had out for seven years. And I'm almost done with it!
Jill: If I could just reach this fund-raising goal, I'd be out of the fund- raising business forever. No more kissing up to people, planning stupid events, I'd be a whole different person!
Tim: Forget that book, I've got the grand right here! [Tim reaches into his pocket]
Jill: What's that supposed to mean?
Tim: Honey, shnuckums, lover-buns, c'mon! [Tim walks over to her] This fund- raising doesn't actually bring out the best in you. You've been almost as unbearable as you were during childbirth. [Jill gets up]
Jill: I'd like to see how pleasant you'd be giving birth. [Jill puts the documents away]
Tim: Honey, I'd be huge giving birth; [Tim starts snapping his fingers] cracking jokes, doing impressions - [Tim puts his hands around his imaginary belly] "Look sumo-man. Look at me! Look at me!" I would cut the umbilical cord with the Binford 6100 Hedge-clippers. [Tim pretends to cut] Ker-chi, ker-chi.
Jill: Great way for a baby to begin life; seeing you coming at it with hedge- clippers! Hey, c'mon, help me out. Where are we gonna get this money?
[Tim opens a beer]
Tim: Have a bake-sale. Get your cupcakes to everybody. Once the nausea sets in, just grab their wallet.
Jill: How d'you think I got the last thousand?
Tim: Y'know how they have those studly celebrity auctions? We could do that on "Tool Time." [Jill looks at him, seriously] Sure. People'll pay a lot of money to have a handsome tool guy stop by and fix stuff.
Jill: D'you think Al would do that? [Short pause]
Tim: You auction me off, you'll raise all the money you need for the library and have money left over for a turbo-charged, four-wheel drive bookmobile.
Jill: Why would the library need a turbo-charged bookmobile?
Tim: Speed reading courses!
[Opening credits]
Cut to the "Tool Time" set.
[The "Tool Time" theme music plays. Tim and Al enter]
Tim: Welcome to "Tool Time." I'm Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor and you all know my assistant Al [Al salutes] Borland. [There is a big audience applause and Al waves at them] Well, today's your chance to take home TV's top Tool Man for an entire day. Tha-at's right! One lucky bidder will be able to take home... me!
Al: I should mention that it's for a very worthy cause.
Tim: Well let's bring out our, er, uh, guest auctioneer with a big round of applause. This woman has enjoyed my tool expertise [Jill moves to the set entrance] for the last fifteen years! A big warm "Tool Time" welcome for Jill "The Tool Wife" Taylor. Honey, c'mon out.
[Jill enters carrying a gavel. Tim and Al applaud. The "Tool Time" music plays]
Jill: Thank you. Um, I should mention that all the proceeds from the auction today go to the Detroit Public Library. Um, should we start the bidding?
Tim: Yeah. [Jill goes over to the bench]
Al: Actually, before you start the bidding, I have a surprise entry for the auction.
Tim: Surprise?
Al: Yes, I think it will bring in quite a tidy sum. Let's have a warm welcome for the Tool Man that needs no introduction, the Grand Master of tools, Mr. Bob Vila!
[Bob comes down from the audience to applause. Jill looks impressed]
Jill: Bob Vila! This is so exciting!
Tim: I'm bursting.
Bob: Hi Tim.
Tim: Hey Bob. [They shake hands] Welcome to "Tool Time."
Al: And this is Tim's lovely wife Jill. [Bob and Jill shake hands]
Jill: Hello. It's so nice to meet you. It's really a thrill.
Bob: My pleasure. It's a pleasure.
Tim: Er, Bob, what brings you to the Detroit area?
Bob: I just showed my hot rod at the Custom Car Show over at Cobo Hall.
Tim: You built a hot rod?
Bob: Actually, I had it built by some experts.
Tim: I built my own. [Tim smiles and raises his eyebrows at the audience]
Bob: That's nice Tim, but mine actually runs!
[Al cracks up laughing]
Tim: Could we? [Bob and Al "notice" the audience] Tool show, cable television?
Al: Sorry.
Tim: Alright. Well, why don't we start our auction off by bidding on our good friend Bob Vila. How about that? Step up here Bob. {Tim points Bob to a platform by the bench. Tim and Al sit down on stools]
Bob: O.K.
Tim: Please bear with my wife. This is the first time she's ever been an auctioneer.
[Jill hits the bench with the gavel. Everybody jumps]
Jill: I'm gonna open the bidding at $100.
Audience Member #1: $100!
Jill: I've gotta 100, 100, 100, do I hear a 100¼, 100¼, 100¼?
Audience Member #2: $200!
Jill: 200 from the lovely lady in the denim shirt. Do I hear 300, 300, 300, talk to me, talk to me, swing badder badder swing. First c'mon people, stop sitting on your hands. This is big Bob Vila. [Bob raises his arms] The man who's the reason why men like my husband have a job!
[Tim looks a Jill. Al consoles Tim]
Audience Member #1: $700!
Jill: Huuu! $700! 700, 700, 700, going once, going twice. [Jill hits the bench with the gavel] Sold! For 700 smackeroonies to the man with the wonderful smile. Hope you're very happy with your Tool Man. [Jill starts clapping]
[Bob Vila goes over to Al and shakes his hand. Al stands up]
Al: Tell you, $700. $700 is a lot of money, but he is worth it!
Tim: Petty cash. [Tim stands up] Wait till you see what I go for. Sit down Bob.
[Tim goes over to the platform. Bob and Al sit down]
Jill: Alright! Ladies and germs, you now have a chance to bid on [Tim poses] the toast of "Tool Time," the host of "Tool Time," Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor! I'm gonna open the bid at $100. A 100, a 100, a 100, a 100.
Audience Member #2: A 100. [Tim starts dancing around]
Jill: A $100. Do I hear $200, 200, 200? Just remember, this man will do to your house what he does here on "Tool Time" everyday!
Al: Maybe we should auction off some home owner's insurance first. [Bob nods at this. Tim holds up his hand to Al]
Jill: C'mon people. I gotta $100, do I hear 1-50, 1-50, 1-50? [There is no response]
Tim: [Tim points] Guy in the back! $200 he says!
Al: I didn't see a hand.
Tim: He's got gloves on!
Jill: O.K., we have $200, do I hear 300, 300, 300, somebody give me 300, anybody give me 300, anybody, anybody? [There is still no response] Nobody. Alright, I bid $300.
Al: Oh, you can't bid. You're the auctioneer.
Jill: It's my auction and I'll bid if I want to. $300, going once, going twice, going home with me for $300. [Jill hits the bench with the gavel]
[Someone in the audience puts up his hand]
Tim: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, you put the gavel down too fast. There's a guy in the back. Speak up, sir!
Audience Member #3: Uh, how can I get tickets to Bob Vila's show?
[Tim does not look amused!]
Cut to the living room, later that day.
[Randy, Brad and Mark are sitting on the couch watching TV. Jill enters]
Jill: Hi guys! I'm home. [They don't respond] I said I'm home!
Randy: How did the auction go?
Jill: Uh! Put a gavel in my hand, I come alive! [Jill comes over and sits down]
Brad: So, did you raise a lot of money?
Jill: We raised all of it. It was great! Bob Vila showed up and the bidding just went wild!
Mark: How'd Dad do? [Short pause]
Jill: Good! Real good. In fact, he was bought by a very attractive woman.
[Randy looks at Jill]
Randy: How much you pay for him?
Jill: Doesn't matter how much I paid for him.
Brad: How much did Bob Vila go for?
Jill: It's not important. [Randy looks at Jill]
Randy: Vila kicked his butt, huh?
Jill: You might say that. [Tim enters from the garage] Just don't say it in front of your father, and I mean that Randy.
Tim: Hi guys. [Tim gets a beer out of the fridge. The boys all turn round and stare at Tim] Why're you looking at me like that? Because Bob Vila kicked my butt again?
Randy: Well, since the ice is broken, that must have been pretty embarrassing, huh Dad?
Tim: [To Jill] Thank you honey. [Jill gives Randy a hard stare]
Randy: He brought it up!
Jill: Boys, go wash up. [Jill, Brad, Randy and Mark get up]
Randy: Alright. [The boys leave. Jill goes to the kitchen]
Jill: So! I'm gonna cook dinner now. You want some chicken?
Tim: Nah. How about a little piece of Vila pounded real thin! [Tim pounds the air]
Jill: Tim! Will you get over it!
Tim: This guy beats me at everything I do. Last year, the lawnmower race, now the auction. What's next?
Jill: Look, the important thing is that the library got all money that we needed. [Jill starts preparing dinner]
Tim: I'd just like to beat him at one thing. Er, er, ice-skating, er, skeet- shooting, bob sledding. Oh forget that. They probably named it after him!
Cut to the "Tool Time" set, the next day.
[Tim is sorting things out at the bench. Al enters with Bob Vila]
Al: Ah, no, no, no, no, thank you, Bob! It was the thrill of a lifetime. [They walk over to Tim]
Tim: What'd you guys do? Go to Beards R Us?
Al: No. Bob took me for a ride in his new hot rod. It's unbelievable. He has a turbo-charged, two liter engine with 370 horse power, and the whole body is made out of aluminum! [Al goes backstage]
Tim: Big deal! [Tim walks over to Bob who is sitting in the leather chair] My whole hot rod body is made out of fiberglass. And we all know how fast fiber makes you move!
Bob: Tim, from what I hear, your hot rod's not even runnin'.
Tim: Maybe you haven't heard right, Bob. [Bob stands up]
Bob: I've gotta go. I've gotta have my hot rod in Grosse Pointe at ten o'clock.
[Bob comes over to Tim at the bench. Tim looks at his watch]
Tim: Ah, but it's 9:45. You're never gonna make it now.
Bob: Your hot rod couldn't. Mine can. [Bob puts the battery in the tool Tim is working on]
Tim: Are you suggesting your hot rod can beat my hot rod? [Tim takes the battery out again]
Bob: If the brake shoe fits... [Bob starts to leave. Tim follows him]
Tim: Wait a minute, wait, that's it. Why don't we race our hot rods, alright?
[Al returns having changed into a new flannel shirt which is identical to the one he's just taken off]
Tim: Meet me at that old airport, the military one on I-94 tomorrow.
Bob: [Bob taps Tim's shoulder] You're on. [Al comes over to them]
Tim: [Tim taps bob back] O.K. We'll even tape it for "Tool Time." That way the whole audience can watch me kick your tail pipes right back to "That Ol' House."
Bob: Tim, the show I do now is called "Home Again."
Tim: O.K., Bob, kick your tail pipes "Home Again."
Bob: We'll see about that.
[Commercial break]
Cut to the garage, that evening.
[Tim is working on the hot rod, helped by Brad and Mark. Randy is sitting on the bench, watching]
Tim: Ahh! Alright. Now we've just got to check the oil. How's it look?
[Brad examines the dip stick]
Brad: It's hard to see.
Tim: That's cuz it's clean. That oil's so clean, add a little oregano and vinegar, you gotta salad dressing!
Mark: Dad, after we get it started, can we go for a ride?
Tim: [Tim bends over the engine] No, I've gotta few more adjustments on the carbs to make and then timing again. [Brad replaces the dip stick] We could start it. Who wants to do the honours?
Brad: I do!
Mark: I do!
Tim: Too bad. My car. [Tim climbs into the driver's seat. Brad sighs]
[Tim turns the key and the ignition relay clicks on and then off again. Tim tries it again. The engine doesn't start. Brad and Mark look on, expectantly]
Randy: Good work, Dad! It's so quiet, you can't even tell it's running!
Tim: It's the solenoid, I think. [Brad whispers something to Mark and Mark turns and gives Brad a hard stare. Jill enters]
Jill: O.K. guys, how's it going?
Randy: Dad's taking a ride in the hot rod. Hey Dad! Slow down! Let Mom get in!
[Short pause]
Tim: [To Randy] I'm tellin' you. Please pipe down.
Randy: Uh-oh! There's someone on your tail! Is it Bob Vila? No, it's a little kid on a tricycle!
Tim: Would you shut up!
Jill: C'mon Tim.
Tim: He's knocking my car, alright?
Jill: You boys, come on up to bed.
Brad: [Disappointed] Alright. Dad, if you get it started, wake me up.
Mark: Me too.
Tim: Yep.
Jill: It's ten o'clock! He's not gonna go driving round in the middle of the night. [The boys leave] He's not is he?
Tim: If he can get it started he is. [Tim continues to fiddle with the ignition. He turns the key again and the relay clicks on and off again. The engine doesn't start. Tim slams his hands down on the dashboard] Damn!
Jill: Is it my imagination or are you a little bit on edge tonight? [Jill rubs Tim's shoulders]
Tim: How would you feel if your solenoid was stuck?
Jill: First I'd cry, then I'd wanna know what a solenoid is.
Tim: It makes the car start! Everybody knows that, Jill! [Tim gets out of the car]
Jill: Oh c'mon, Tim. Just because you can't get the car started is no reason to jump all over me or Randy.
[Tim picks up a wrench and walks round to the engine]
Tim: Well I'm sorry honey, but I'm supposed to be in a race tomorrow and the car won't start.
Jill: Look, why don't you just call Bob Vila and ask him if you can race him on Sunday? [Tim fiddles with the engine]
Tim: Because I already told him the car was running!
Jill: Why did you do that?
Tim: I dunno! Why does sauerkraut go through me like a laser beam? [Jill smiles at this] I need to get a new solenoid. I've gotta find an autopart store that's open 24 hours. [Tim walks over to the garage door]
Jill: Well, what can I do to help?
Tim: Er, get a hammer --
Jill: -- yeah --
Tim: -- and four big nails --
Jill: -- yeah --
Tim: -- go to Bob's hotel and puncture all his tyres! [Tim leaves]
Cut to the garage, later that night.
[Wilson is lying under the car. Tim is bent over the engine]
Tim: Got it? Got it?
Wilson: I got it.
Tim: Alright, starter's on. If you could just hold it up.
Wilson: Will do. [The top of Wilson's head rolls out from under the car. Tim goes over to the bench] Tim, hand me that nine-sixteenth socket.
Tim: I really appreciate you coming over this late to help me out.
Wilson: No problem Tim. I was already up feeding my bats.
Tim: [Tim hands Wilson the socket] Here you go.
Wilson: Thank you, neighbor Tim. A few turns of this ratchet and we'll have this starter problem fixed.
Tim: Wilson, I don't know how I got into this mess. It's taken me three years, three years, to get this rod perfect. And since I challenged Vila, I've gotta race it. It's not even broken in yet.
Wilson: Well, sounds like you didn't think before you challenged him.
Tim: Well how would you like it if you were in an auction and some other neighbor behind the fence made 400 more dollars than you?
Wilson: Well Tim, I'd be hidy-hurt.
Tim: That's how I felt. I started doubting myself, y'know, and I felt worthless.
Wilson: Well Tim, it's been said that when a foot compares itself to a yard, it always comes up short.
[Tim considers this]
Tim: So, you're saying that Vila's the yard and I'm the foot, and he is better than me, right?
Wilson: Well, only if you perceive him as being better. [Wilson gets out from under the car and crouches behind the engine] Ahhh! O.K. [Tim wipes down the engine] A philosopher once said, if you place a small value on yourself, rest assured, the world will not raise your price.
Tim: Hm. But if I believe in myself, I can win this.
Wilson: No, no, no, Tim. If you believe in yourself, you've already won.
Cut to the kitchen, even later that night (or should it be morning??).
[Tim is leading Mark, Jill, Brad and Randy to the garage. Mark, Jill, Brad and Randy are all wearing their nightclothes]
Tim: Alright, now the moment we've all been waiting for.
Jill: What? The moment where you drag us out of bed at 5:30 in the morning?
Tim: No-o. I unveil the hot rod, we take a little spin.
Brad: Alright, let's do it.
Cut to the garage.
[They all enter. Brad tries to run over to the hot rod but Tim holds him back. The hot rod is covered with a sheet]
Tim: Wait a minute! Whoa, whoa, whoa, I would take you people first if I could, okay?
Jill: Hm, hm, hm.
Tim: Alright. Bradley, I want to take you most of all cuz you've spent more time on the hot rod with me than anybody else. So if something goes wrong tomorrow, I'm blaming you! [Tim slaps Brad on the back. Brad nods]
Brad: That sounds fair, huh.
Tim: Mark. Thanks for all your help.
Mark: Thank you.
Tim: And Randy, what can I say? You're definitely one of my sons! Huh? [Randy smiles]
Randy: Thanks Dad.
Tim: Honey, I thank you the most because you didn't get jealous even though I spent a lot more time on the hot rod than I did with you.
Jill: Oh, I didn't mind that. I just didn't like it when you got us mixed up and tried to rotate my legs!
Tim: You get better mileage now! [Jill laughs] Alright everybody, stand back! [Tim pulls the sheet off the hot rod] A-hoo!
Jill, Brad, Mark & Randy: Oooooh! [They all admire the car]
Jill: Oh honey1 It looks so beautiful!
Tim: Alright! Hop in, let's go for a ride!
Jill: Wait a minute, wait a minute. We're in our pajamas here.
[Brad and Mark get into the car]
Tim: Alright, alright, go get some coats, c'mon.
Brad, Randy & Mark: Alright. [Brad and Mark go to get their coats. Jill follows them]
Tim: Go, go, go, we're not gonna wait forever! C'mon!
[Tim gets into the car. Randy comes over to him]
Tim: [To Randy] What're you waiting for? Something to explode?
Randy: No.
Tim: You don't wanna go for a ride, do you?
Randy: I wanna go for a ride, I just wanna tell you that your car looks great.
Tim: And?
Randy: And that I think you can beat Bob Vila tomorrow.
Tim: Really? [Tim shuts the car door] I sure hope so. A great philosopher said once, if your feet are short, and you don't raise your prices, you're destined for yard sales!
[Randy looks confused. Tim nods at him]
Randy: Anyway, my money's on you. I mean, you've got a 3-50 V8 and 500 pounds of torque in this puppy.
Tim: [Grunting] U-huh? Randy, you're starting to sound like me!
Randy: [Grunting] Oh-no! Don't want that!
Tim: [Grunting] Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!
Randy: [Grunting] Oh-no! Barfit!
Tim: [Grunting] Oh-oh-oh-oh! Oh-yeah!
[Jill, Brad and Mark return. Jill has Randy's coat]
Jill: Alright! I'm getting in the shot gun seat. Mark, you get up here with me.
[Brad shuts the garage door]
Tim: C'mon guys! Watch the paint when you step down there.
Jill: Randy! Here's your jacket for you. [Jill hands him it. They all get in the hot rod] Seat belts everybody!
Tim: Alright.
Jill: Wow!
Tim: C'mon in. Put your seat belt on under there.
Mark: Comfy!
Tim: Alright. Clipped in everybody?
Brad: Almost.
Tim: Alright Taylor Family. Drum roll for me.
Randy: Here we go. [Randy and Brad give Tim a drum roll on the hot rod body]
Jill: Just start the car.
Tim: Alright. [Tim turns the key and the car starts!]
Jill: Wooo!
Randy & Brad: Yeah! Yeah!
[Jill claps. Tim drives the car out]
Cut to the airport, the next day.
[There is a starting line marked out. Heidi stands by the line. Tim's hot rod pulls up and Tim gets out and joins Al. Bob's hot rod pulls up]
Tim: Hi everybody. [Al salutes] We're here on location at the airport to talk about aerodynamics.
Al: No we're not. We're here so Tim can settle a grudge with Bob Vila.
Tim: In an aerodynamical sort of way. [Tim and Al turn around to the camera behind them] Welcome to "Tool Time's" First Annual Quarter Mile Drags. Speaking of a drag, you all know my assistant Al Borland. [Tim slaps Al's back]
Al: The drivers today are Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor and he will be driving [Al goes over to Tim's hot rod] a 1933 Ford Roadster. [Tim sticks up his thumbs. Al goes over to Bob's hot rod. Bob is standing by the car] Driving one of the premier Coups of our time is one of the premier tool men of our time, Bob Vila. [Al shakes Bob's hand]
[Tim shakes Bob's hand]
Bob: I'll be waiting for you at the finish line, Tim.
Tim: I'll be there with your second place trophy,
Bob: Hmm. We'll see about that. [Bob puts on his crash helmet]
Al: Good luck, guys.
Tim: I don't need luck. I just need my car to start! Heidi, my helmet please.
[Tim and Bob get into their cars. Heidi hands Tim his helmet]
Heidi: Here you go, Tim.
Tim: Thank you. [Tim puts on his helmet which has a camera on it. Heidi goes over to the start line]
[Tim starts his car and raises his arm in success. Bob and Tim rev their engines and stare at each other. The cars start to edge forward. Heidi lowers the green flag, and they're off! They're neck and neck]
Heidi: [Looking through binoculars] Go, Tim!
Al: Gee, he's really keeping up with him.
[The cars are still neck and neck. Bob's car edges slightly forward and crosses the finish line just before Tim's does]
Cut to the garage, later that day.
[Tim is wiping down the paint work. Jill enters from the kitchen]
Jill: Honey, you O.K?
Tim: Sure. Don't just stand there, grab a rag.
[Jill helps wipe the car]
Jill: You seem to be taking this loss to Bob Vila pretty well.
Tim: Maybe I don't think it's a loss.
Jill: I like it when you're deluded. You're much easier to deal with.
Tim: I'm just saying I think I could have beaten him.
Jill: How d'you mean that?
Tim: At the finish line, we were neck and neck. If I'd pushed the red line, I could have gone right by.
Jill: Why didn't you?
Tim: Well honey, it's a new motor, I didn't break it in. I didn't wanna risk blowing the thing up.
Jill: Are you saying you let him win?
Tim: I'm saying Bob bought his hot rod; I put three years into this and I built this thing. I'm not gonna risk wrecking it over some stupid race.
Jill: I'm real proud of you.
Tim: Well, you know what they say: Spirit of the rod. To heck with Bob!
Jill: You are getting very mature in your old age.
Tim: Well, you can't stay young forever, honey.
Jill: That's true.
Tim: Hey, what d'you say [Tim pops open the back seat] we pop ourselves into the rumble seat and make out like we used to?
Jill: Cool! [They climb in] Sit here.
Tim: Ah! Alright! [Jill laughs]
Jill: Wait a minute. I've gotta spit out my gum. [Jill spits out her gum. They embrace and kiss]
[The car registration is "2L TIME"]
Cut to a sign that reads "The Taylor's Hot Rod Shop."
[Montage of scenes showing the construction of the hot rod]
Cut to Tim sitting on the hot rod frame, pretending to drive it.
Cut to Tim in the kitchen showing Jill the steering column.
Cut to Tim welding in the garage while Jill is making a clay pot.
Cut to Brad in the garage using the fire cutter.
Cut to Tim unveiling the engine with Hank and Dave.
Cut to Tim working on the cylinders while Jill loads the washing machine.
Cut to Tim banging his head on the hot rod frame while talking to Jill's mother. Jill's mother pulls out the dip stick.
Cut to Tim first trying to start the engine in front of Brad and Randy. The engine starts. Jill and Mark enter and they all celebrate.
Cut to Joe Morton knocking off the grill and damaging it.
Cut to Tim wiping the windscreen. Randy walks past in a thick winter coat with snow on it.
Cut to Tim in the car. He turns on the headlights, shining them right at Mark. Mark covers his eyes.
Cut to Brad and Mark helping Tim with the engine.
Cut to Tim pulling off the sheet to unveil the car for his family.
Cut to Tim driving the car out of the garage.
[Outtake from the final garage scene. Tim is in the car. Jill is leaning against it]
Jill: You are getting very mature in your old age.
Tim: Well, you can't stay young forever, honey. Hey, what d'you say we [Tim pops open the back seat] pop ourselves into the... [Tim's hand is stuck down the back of the seat where the lever is. Tim pulls on his arm but it won't come out. Jill laughs. Tim takes off his watch and manages to get his arm out. The staff laugh. Tim slaps the car with the rag]

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